Friday, May 11, 2012

REAsons behind increase of prices taxes and other services.

                                           besides government policies,unpractical planning,WRONG DATA DETERMINATION,incorrect feed back,corruption,theft,hiding of income,not paying proper taxes on income,others is also responsible for price hikes,more taxes, and increase in service provided like water,electricity,others.
                                      every year in budgets to cover losses the taxes are increased or price of fuel others are increased which effect the prices of necessary products in daily use.the services of public departments are also effected due to no proper evaluation or increase in taxes.the graph of income is not rising as in comparison of increasing of users or extension of cities.
                                                                    people by their ways do not want TO PAY THE CHARGES FOR CONSUMPTION OF ENERGY,WATER,HOUSE TAXES OTHERS.THEY TY TO MANIPULATE BY HIDING THE REAL USE OR ACTUAL BY TAKING HELP OF LACUNA'S IN DETERMINATION OF ANY BY OFFERING SOME BRIBE OR OTHERWISE.this burden comes on right tax payers or those who not believe in theft of services they get or their earnings.due to such persons the right taxes or charges not go to government or service provider and they manipulate by increasing taxes or service rates.

its the duty of people to inform about such culprits,who are giving loss to country by illegal means.if the recovery or declaration of income or correct legal usage and payments are done then their will be no need of increasing the rates % of taxes often and every years.the main loss of revenue and earning is due to theft corruption,wrong evaluation,and hiding of real income.that part is shared by right payers and those who hide enjoy the facilities on pothers earning.

                                                            much can change if all pay actual,genuine,taken by customers as service tax,or others then their can be different scene and we can hope of equality LESS PRICE HIKES,more development.public is the responsible person to improve such either by paying right or by preventing others to do wrong.government will also have give attention towards REFORMS,PROPER MANAGEMENT,INSPECTION,SURVEYS SCREENING,AND TO GIVE MORE ATTENTION ON RECOVERY AND EVALUATION AND BY PREVENTING THEFT ETC OF ENERGY AND OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED.MORE ATTENTION TO BE GIVEN ON RESURVEYS OF EVALUATIONS DONE BY PREVIOUS.
hope that such increase the revenue of governments and no further increases of such on right users and payers.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

be active to make the world green.

when i gave the name to this website the concept in my mind was to combine forests and planting trees to best social service.but few years back when in my area development work was done the whole area near roads and parks was covered by is o.k.,up to five feet both sides of road but sad all green grass disappeared and the tree sheltering guards were removed only to increase sq. feet area for getting more payments. i opposed a lot for preventing to remove guards because i knew the plants will not survive.their are records with forest deptt. how many trees were planted and now how many exists now.i could save only five trees outside my house and they have a good space is not required on the removal of trees.only one tree which was big due to such elements and no strictness of forests dept.of their property such anti socials damage green trees. it is clearly written in holy Vedas that those who harm green trees become nirvanshi.i love green trees and i was most sad when i saw those green saplings dyeing due to such.this is the duty of corporator/sabhasad, on such works in area he should prevent such harm to green plants.the whole world is facing global warming and such not had pains to remove the trees in front of their houses which was not a hindrance to anybody.the water level going down in agra is only due to less trees and more reverse osmosis either in hotels,for commercial sales or homes.such waste more then 60 % of ground water.the trees wherever are there attract naturally water level towards upper strata and stop going down.the nature and coordination with natural things.same you can see in jungles no shortage of prey for carnivorous if animals see that the species is going towards extinct they stop catching for prey.they never kill unnecessary.the man ki8lled lions,tigers,other carnivore only due to they were hindrance to them to filter inside forests.the animals save their habitat.
so in brief i would like to say that more forests more animals and all unneeded animals may be transferred to forests.fencing may be done then itself the pollution will can see a change if you pass by a big park,like shahjehan park, or paliwal park. see the will feel pleasant.even in big schools like st. peters,others who have more trees the area is cool.same can be done in cemeteries,open govt land near offices,railways,and wakf lands.
now to save from dust,heat,warm atmosphere,by planting more big trees can only solve the crisis.fruit giving extincting species like khinni can be planted.archeological survey can plant more trees in less visited monuments.much can be done if people understand the importance of trees and save them in their respective areas. many will survive and agra can be again as green as it was in fifties. whole world though is taking care but developing needs more attention. all over india can be as beautiful like Chandigarh and many other cities in south,Gujarat,rajas than and other states.may god bless those who will save trees for the coming generations so that they may not extinct.

najeeb khan
kamla nagar agra 282005

Saturday, April 9, 2011

how to remove corruption if..

these days many are fighting for anti my view it will be very early to go for hunger strikes agitation etc. this lokpal bill is pending since was tried many times but due to no eagerness and interests of many past and present governments it not worked out.many existing laws and provision in our law/constitution,and many provisions in i.p.c.,it not got success due to no cooperation by public and other position holders.actually the corruption start from our homes,we do not educate our children right or wrong even senior people in high profession are indulged in such.for example do the doctor not know why he suggest medicine or pathology test from a particular service provider.why the applications are not received through proper channel.why the officer send again and again to the concerned clerk.why suvidha is asked for every small this is the consciousness of the authority that he is giving allowances for such.if you go for protest against your party or some causes you come to a settlement after getting some portfolio to yourself or your followers.the social organization are seen very active during such.they get coverage,film stars get publicity then their t,r.p. rise and they get more serials or adds. this has happened in past well understood by many that the advantage have been taken.sometimes it is seen to divert the minds from other causes or movements the political parties or government divert the mind of mass to others to neutralize the other present the movement of saving rivers and environment was in full swing it was effected for many days.the crowd and film stars attracted thousands to be on the protest them many must not be knowing what for this is going on.they only come to be in t.v. like many go to see matches and seen dancing when the camera is towards them sometimes even when the opposite team have played a good shot.they actually have nothing to do for game but they in different dresses only come to be on must have seen that if they are live they phone to their nears that they are live but by that time camera moves.their are different ways to put up the matters.such actions like dharnas jams etc has given a method to mass to blackmail and get their demands fulfilled.for small incidences this is adopted everywhere is this not corruption.

i always was against illegal activities,anti-socials,and have written a lot.even directly to p.m.o. office and many other leaders.i even suggested many measures which can be taken to finish terrorism.the biggest platform to settle such and to make laws the provision given by our constitution and to make reforms time to time by making amendments is given to parliament and many times the mass got the opportunity to send the right.what the great reformers and social workers were doing in this period.why on the time of elections they make propaganda to choose the right.why such movements not organized on such occasions .this is because on such occasion the ruling government will not give any benefit or favour allowances portfolio etc. they know that on such occasions the other political party will take election times instead of bringing awareness the social workers other organization leaving exceptions come in favor of one party or other and their support start at their place of work.

simply declaring Gandhian movement does not make anyone like Gandhi ji. have anybody seen his sacrifices and ideology. he never accepted any portfolio or membership in any committee after independence.people like him are born in centuries. our innocent people compare the present movements with the great movements of pre- independence they were true movements and never compromised on getting some benefits,funds for n.g.o. or for running any organization. all facts come afterwards. so i only mean that the right choice and to eliminate such from our inner hearts and everybody to finish from himself will only finish corruption.many bills were pass EARLIER BUT COULD NOT BE IMPLEMENTED IN REALITY DUE TO NO SUPPORT OF COMMON MAN OFFICERS AND GOVERNANCE.THIS WILL ONLY BE A SUCCESS IF PEOPLE FIRST REMOVE CORRUPTION OF ANY SORT FROM THEIR HOMES AND UNDERSTAND THE VALUES OF RIGHT AND WRONG.

najeeb khan
agra 282005

Thursday, March 31, 2011

results very impressive

on 3rd march 2011 i wrote one note save the rivers,many appreciated the measures and i was very consoled that may be i not got recognition for idea but happy that same recommendations was sent by zilaprashasan to state government for approval of the project.i had wrote that that sewage until and unless mixed with other effluents do not work to treat easily to control the b.o.d. and c.o.d.that came to my knowledge and experience during my tenure at jajmau Kanpur,the great nallah coming from old city to wajidpur e.t.p.there pollution board mixed the tannery discharge after treatment and separation of sludge.when after controlling the discharge by physical and chemical treatment sent to canal for irrigation it had so much of organic materials that the crops were unimaginable,c.l.r.i. also tested the crops and they not contained any harmful effect,the plants have self tendency to take only required ingredients from 1983 when i visited a government tannery in ankleshwar Gujarat.i was surprised to see eucalyptus trees to evaporate the treated water.the extra water which was left after irrigation in their own fields was filled in low lying area,and the trees were planted big tree can evaporate more then 80 gallons of water. so those who were concerned to save environment never created problem. in dewas m.p. then tata exports now tata international had provision of using the treated water for gardening and agriculture and during my association then near about 1984 the vegetables were of very good quality with no traces of chrome etc. because the chrome and hazardous chemical precipitate with other alkali in discharge and removed in sludge after proper treatment called primary if treated properly no problem. after secondary treatment water is fine to use for irrigation and also contains organic materials.
so now the question is that why yamuna and ganga had problems,the problem only arised due to no treatment done by the factories and the govt agencies involved in it.the sewage were directly thrown in rivers by metros.i do not agree that by throwing such material as one of the environmentalist sad that ghats for cremation gave some problem.never it contains such dust and is in practice since thousands of years.during excavation it is even found on the banks where cremation was done.the human remains either after conversion in bone ash or buried in land are good for land in maintaining the level of ingredients used by or consumed by human being.this is a cycle to recharge earth.what all we grow eat and by excretion discharged and what all accumulates in our body goes back to environment in solid or gas forms.the shortages of such only began and started coming due to excess use of inorganic and heavy metals not suitable for environment and land.excess use of ores above the required norms,extension of cities and towns .unplanned development destroying of forests for building etc.imbalanced the ecosystem.proper attention was not given towards treatment and the developed countries created more problems due to their industrial interests.the results are global warming,change of weather,etc.
the industrialization shortened the green land and forests and created ecological imbalances.nothing concrete was done and the consequences are often quakes,tsunamis,drought etc.the use of inorganic manures and seepage of untreated water caused the underground water problems.too much of use of water for reverse osmosis and above 60 % wastage to sewage water or other resources created more problem for river waters.
the water is a very important resource and instead of using other sources for mineral water r.o. plants can be seen on and every place. this is now a flourishing business and had reduced the resistance of natives.the use of pesticides and preservatives have also effected the quality of water the main cause of elimination and loss to animals and birds.the new packing's have created more serious problem for treatment and the price of treatment has gone very high unnecessary burden on those agencies who do this task.lot of mixed garbage have created disposal and recycling problem.if people are aware in their houses most of the vegetable and fruit left outs can be consumed by stray animals.kindly refer for my views to stop such in my previous notes,columns and blogs.
so in the end i will again repeat that pollution and environment problems are more due to no cooperation by citizens and such non disciplined have worsened the situation.decades back when we use to live in small lanes people were then less educated but more you can see many educated throwing left outs from their houses,cars or on public places like stations etc. shame for such.even in posh colonies people throw garbage outside their or near their houses and not feel much concerned administration can manage.

najeeb khan

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

if reaction then always action

i was highlighting a local problem of my locality.i discussed with one of neighbors they also agreed of the problem,but nobody was bold enough to say to the concerned responsible for giving parks and maintenance due to influence or otherwise.what i only did that i photographed the scenario on Monday in presence of a person whom i know always informs.the result was that today Tuesday 22.02.2011 arrangement was done to clean the site.

so what i mean that if somebody pints out the problems they get is only how you if reaction then action.this all happens all due very late response.these are reasons people not complaint.they have become immuned in facing such.generally people tolerate much due to vast difference in society and hold of few persons who due the support of political people and their monopoly because they are in nears and dears of political figures of all parties take advantage of dictating their systems.

their is no space for humanity for many because they are not social but only claim to be.very few are there in society who are with right or service also is now connected with money,and only those get recognition who contribute more in terms of money.higher administrative authorities are also helpless because everything is now politicized.if they take any action they have to face transfers etc.these days all is done to get fame.and future expectations are to get some portfolio in any political party.genuine social workers are very rare,not like decades back people did lot of work but never expected aim is to get power security and portfolio in return of social work also.till no fair people will come no chances to finish corruption in all sectors.corruption has delayed our countries development and progress in comparison to other countries of common wealth who got freedom with us like japan,china.
we still hope that more good people will join politics to give good governance,may be the majority of any party.only good should reach the houses or assemblies and join hands to develop the country up to the required standard.this doesn't mean that we do have good representation but reforms are necessity and the new can up with good ideas and democracy changes only makes improvement and competition to give good results if any department head is not giving good results he is transferred,suspended,or compulsory it should also apply in politics the competent will stay otherwise no chance next time.this is only true democracy.i hope that people give such verdict that only right will get admission.then we can dream of ram rajya which was the vision of great leaders of pre independence.

najeeb khan

Monday, February 21, 2011

how to resolve

few days back a programme or private party was conducted in Jain mandir park kamla days the area was stinking due to bad of smell of left food thrown.thanks to some who took away that for there the left overs like empty glasses,used paper dishes is lying since three days.all park grass is covered with throw outs.those who charged or responsible for maintenance are unlooking it.they were seen in park park but not bothered.though the local children have picked lot for playing,some taken by dust bin collectors.its a public park and the local supervisor of this area or sabhasad should see to it.this is problem all over india people conduct their personal program-mes on roads,parks,grounds and cut the roads and give losses to roads etc.the garbage then fill in drains and choke water in rainy season and cause water logging.their are many marriage halls and hotels in such these program-mes can be conducted.lakhs can be spent on tents,decoration,generators etc.then why not for rent of such places which they can afford easily.unnecessary the nearby residents and nearby citizens face disturbance,pollution and other problems.on such occasions the anti socials also get opportunity to be in area,the area guard can not also prevent day empty bottles,pouches etc are also seen lying around.local administrations can prevent such if allowed then the n.m.p.,should charge for the damage and such not be allowed without prior permission or consent of the nearby residents.hope that this will be seen in all states,and free use and personal saving should be stopped by strict law.

najeeb khan
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

how it can be managed

several times i have written in my blogs,face book,tweeter and even to the authorities that strictness,challans,warnings can only prevent throwing of garbage etc on road sides,in front of houses,temporary dust bins made outside houses,i observe that the safai karamchari clean the respective areas and soon people throw their home garbage in front or near houses through house maids or themselves.routine visits and power to supervisors,inspectors can only stop is impossible for n.m.p. or other agencies to keep the city clean without the support of locals,residents.
it is not possible to keep staff on public places,people will have to use right places and to be disciplined if anybody do not obey rules and regulation he is liable to be fined again and again.the concerned should not come under pressure of any political support in such matters,if anybody interferes or anticipate then they should take in writing from the control the officers or inspectors will have to be bold and it is guaranteed none can give in writing in such help which is against law,rules,addicates and manners. this will also bring back fear among culprits who are misusing the word liberty.this will also prevent overload of work,and the atmosphere will be clean and the animals eating them will not be harmed.

najeeb khan
Agra 282005